Pr. Cédric Blanpain received the EMBO Young Investigator award 2009

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Pr. Blanpain received the Ithier price(s)

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One year later, Prof. Blanpain received a second Ithier price for a project with the three other former price laureates  : Le Soir and Esprit libre

Publication in Cell Stem Cell 2008 : a whole heart from one single cell

Mesp1 acts as a master regulator of multipotent cardiovascular progenitor specification.
Bondue A, Lapouge G, Paulissen C, Semeraro C, Iacovino M, Kyba M & Blanpain C.
Cell Stem Cell 2008, 3(1):69-84.
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An outstanding ERC starting grant for Pr. Cédric Blanpain

Prof. Blanpain received a starting grant from the European Research Council (ERC) for his project CANCERSTEM.  Thanks to this prestigious grant, he will try to uncover new populations of stem cells and progenitor cells in the epidermis, prostate and mammary gland, and identify the cancer cell of origin in these different tissues. 

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